A Word from Dr. Adamson


Dear Rose Drive Parents and Students,


         I am so incredibly grateful to the terrific teamwork of our committed staff, eager students, and supportive and involved families for helping ensure our first month of school was such a resounding success! Our theme, “Dare to Dream,” continues from last year, and I thrill at the thought of all we will accomplish together as we unite to set goals and begin the journey that lies in wait.  

I believe that one of the key concepts in achieving these very same dreams we are setting out to achieve, comes down to a simple three letter word: WHY? Our “WHY?” here at Rose Drive, has remained unchanged over the past 51 years: To prepare each student for success now and into the future - Every student…Every day…Whatever it takes. That continues to be the very same dream we at Rose Drive dare to dream today, this coming year, and years from now.

 Thank you to all of you who attended our Back-to-School Night which occurred very early this year – the first week of school!  It was super to see our classrooms filled with so many of you eager to learn more about what the year ahead holds along with the role you play in supporting your child’s growth and development. Your presence and continued involvement in school events establishes a powerful message: that school is important and you are committed to the success of your child – our students. Our work ahead is both necessary and important – and I remind you that it is only together that we can ensure our students both meet and exceed their goals.   

I would like to take a moment to commend each and every one of our students for the importance they are placing on our first character trait of the year, respect, as we continue our focus on greeting others when we arrive each day with smiles, good mornings, and eye contact. I am a firm believer in the influence our demeanor in the morning has on the entire tone for the rest of the day and, based on the enthusiastic and forthcoming greetings I receive each morning, our students at Rose Drive go on to face each day with a positivity that sets them on track for success. I am also so very proud of our students for their efforts in giving their studies their utmost attention and am so impressed with the standard of work I already see as I visit classrooms. Keep it up Roadrunners – your excellence is certainly showing! Your dedication, tenacity, and passion are traits that inspire me to climb higher and reach further.




Dr. Linda Adamson & the Entire Rose Drive Staff

Rose Drive Elementary School
4700 Rose Drive
Yorba Linda CA 92886
Office Hours 7:15 am - 4:15 pm

Important Dates

Rose Drive Morning Valet
On any given morning before school starts, you will find a team of our responsible and enthusiastic 4th and 5th graders, greeting and waving cars forward in the Rose Drive parking lot. Their role is an important one, requiring them to:
1) greet parents and students as they arrive with a smile; 2) ensure cars pull ALL the way forward so as to keep a regular and consistent flow of traffic; 3) open and close car doors to ensure students exit in a safe and efficient manner and of course; 4) bid parents a friendly farewell with a wave and a "Have a nice day!" Thank you to all five teams for your commitment to this important duty and for your smiles despite the early hours. Come rain or shine, wind or cold, we commend you for your commitment to the safety and routine. Our teams for this school year include: Red Vines, Magical Unicorns, Rosie Patrol, Rainbow Rosies, and Rosie Rockets. Go TEAM Valet!

Rose Drive Parking Lot Safety

    Student safety and the safety of others is, of course, a primary concern of all of ours.  A huge thank you to all of our parents for driving slowly and safely through our valet parking with the extra attention, caution, and patience needed for the safety of our students.  Please remember to only allow students to get in and out of cars in our marked valet sections of the parking lot.  NEVER attempt to cross Rose Drive unless you are using the crosswalk.

Rosie’s STARS Cards - PBIS


A strong focus at Rose Drive this year is our school-wide PBIS behavior expectations program. We have identified 6 areas on campus which will serve as focal points for appropriate behavior throughout the year. The program strives to reinforce positive behavior by zeroing in on six specific areas on campus. We will be introducing each area and the expected behaviors over the next few weeks and reinforcing good choices and exemplary behavior through the issuing of STARS cards. Students keep one copy to show off at home while the second copy is added to our weekly drawing. Students whose names are pulled will be announced on Friday morning and invited to Dr. Adamson’s office to select from an array of Rosie prizes. We encourage you to reinforce STARS behavior at home: Safe, There and Ready, Act responsibly, Respectful, and Show compassion.

PYLUSD will offer free workshops on various educational topics throughout the school year so parents can become better equipped to support their child’s learning. Research indicates that when schools work together with families to support learning, students perform better in school and throughout life.

2015 CAASPP Testing Update:  Visit our new Common Core/CAASPP Page for information and answers to your questions on the recently released CASSPP scores and a comprehensive overview of the new Smarter Balanced testing.

Jog-a-Thon 2016-17
This year to make it easier than ever for friends and family, Rose Drive PTA has partnered up with The Original Get Movin Crew.  Please take a moment to register your child/children for this exciting event.  
Follow the steps below to get started.
Step 1: Go to the website,
Step 2: Go to the Red Box on the right bottom corner of the website. Click Get Register.
Step 3: Click Green Bar to register. Fill Out Parent Info.
Step 4: On the Right top corner click on +Add Student. Fill Out Students Info.
Step 5: Email and Post on Facebook the link for your child’s webpage to allow friends and family to donate.

Any further questions please contact Heidi Woodward or Krystle Altenbach
A Word from Dr. Adamson on Annie Jr.
It is with a full and very proud heart that I share my gratitude to everyone who made this production of Annie Jr. possible. Looking back on my own school years, I thrill each time I recall the excitement and anticipation with which I looked forward to performing for an audience, the very same emotions I suspect our own Rose Drive cast members have been feeling as they added the final touches to their performances this past week. To our very talented cast members of “Annie, Jr.,” I say congratulations for the incredible dedication with which you have applied yourselves these past few months. You have dedicated countless hours of rehearsing in order to be prepared for this day and I hope you know how very proud I am of each and every one of you, not to mention how very grateful for the courage you have shown in your willingness to share your talents with others. Your performances were outstanding and I can only hope you will continue to share your acting talents with others.
Along with our cast members, there are so many more people to thank for seeing this production through to fruition. I am fully aware that it quite simply could never have been possible without the team work of a group of highly committed, dedicated, and passionate people. As I consider all the effort, time, and collaboration that I have witnessed from the very first day of auditions, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for everyone involved. First, I would like to thank the Rose Drive PTA Board for their willingness in sponsoring “Annie Jr.,” and their dedication to providing this theater opportunity for our students. A very special thank you goes out to Mrs. Chris Parmenter, who has been instrumental in spearheading things from the beginning. Not only was she tireless in her determination to find and secure a theater production company willing to work with us on a mini production, but she has voluntarily scarified countless hours to this project, remaining involved in every planning and production aspect along the way, serving as an invaluable resource for each committee as they figured their way around each new hurdle. A heartfelt thank you goes out to the very skilled and passionate guidance of “The Huston School of Music”, specifically our director, Mary Sherg. Your steadfast and capable direction from day one has been a source of constant reassurance and your level of professionalism, simply beyond compare. It is clear to me how very passionate you are about working with students in this capacity; I thank you for igniting that very same passion within our students.
Finally, I would like to thank our large group of parent volunteers who have given countless hours to student supervision, the organizing of backstage preparation and props, the coordination of concession and ticket sales, fundraising, and program design. It is the involvement of parents such as you who make events such as this possible and who ensure the continued extracurricular opportunities for our students at Rose Drive. We could not have accomplished any of without you!