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T.E.A.M. Roadrunners!

A Word from Dr. Adamson


Dear Parents and Students,

With only two weeks before the start of school, we are well on our way to preparing for the start of yet another rewarding and exciting school year. We look forward to welcoming back all our returning students and parents and to meeting the many new families who will be joining us this year - a warm welcome to each and every one of you. Please refer to the “Welcome Back” letter posted under the principal tab for more detailed information regarding everything you need to know for the first day of school along with other important information.


It is with much eagerness and enthusiasm that I anticipate my third year as principal of Rose Drive - a school community which I am so very proud and honored to call my home. The commitment, dedication, and passion demonstrated by students, parents, and staff alike serves as a daily reminder for that which we strive – a passion for excellence and continued growth. As principal, it remains my priority to ensure a learning environment for each and every child that is both safe and positive and I am proud to attest to the commitment demonstrated by the staff at Rose Drive - all of whom go out of their way to deliver the most current and relevant curriculum and instruction to our students.  Since we are partners in this journey we invite you to experience the vision of Rose Drive for yourselves this year by becoming involved as much as possible.


The year ahead promises endless possibilities as Rose Drive continues to meet and exceed the marks and standards of excellence through the collaboration of our supportive parents, dedicated teachers, and conscientious students. We look forward to seeing you all on September 2nd as we prepare to launch our continued theme: “T.E.A.M. Roadrunners: Together Everyone Achieves More.”


Dr. Linda Adamson & the Entire Rose Drive Staff


Valet Teams
On any given morning before school starts you will find one of our six valet teams, consisting of responsible and enthusiastic 4th and 5th graders, greeting and waving cars forward in the Rose Drive parking lot. Their role is an important one, requiring them to:
1) greet parents and students as they arrive with a smile; 2) ensure cars pull ALL the way forward so as to keep a regular and consistent flow of traffic; 3) open and close car doors to ensure students exit in a safe and efficient manner and of course; 4) bid parents a friendly farewell with a wave and a "Have a nice day!" Thank you to all five teams for your commitment to this important duty and for your smiles despite the early hours. You have outdone yourselves through the cold, heat, wind, and even rain and we commend you. Our teams for this school year include: Rosie's stars; Angry Birds; Outrageous Owls; Team Roadrunners; and Team Rosie. Go Valet TEAM Roadrunners!

TEAM Roadrunners: Minute to Win It!

Team Roadrunners, our 4th/5th grade leadership team, organized a fun activity for the upper grade

students during lunch on the last Friday of January: Minute to Win It! They distributed Oreo cookies, instructing students to place them on their foreheads to begin. Students were given one minute to somehow transfer the cookies into their mouths (without using their hands). Students enjoyed participating in the challenge, watching their friends look silly, and, of course, eating an Oreo.  Who wouldn't enjoy a minute of fun during lunch recess? Thank you, TEAM Roadrunners, for this fun and creative activity. We can’t wait to see what this month holds.

Rosie’s STARS Cards - PBIS


A strong focus at Rose Drive this year is our school-wide PBIS behavior expectations program. We have identified 6 areas on campus which will serve as focal points for appropriate behavior throughout the year. The program strives to reinforce positive behavior by zeroing in on six specific areas on campus. We will be introducing each area and the expected behaviors over the next few weeks and reinforcing good choices and exemplary behavior through the issuing of STARS cards. Students keep one copy to show off at home while the second copy is added to our weekly drawing. Students whose names are pulled will be announced on Friday morning and invited to Dr. Adamson’s office to select from an array of Rosie prizes. We encourage you to reinforce STARS behavior at home: Safe, There and Ready, Act responsibly, Respectful, and Show compassion.

Important Dates 2014-15

See the Calendar for Additional Events

Suggested School Supplies 2014-15

Oct. 31 Minimum Day

Nov. 10 Non-Student Day

Nov. 11 Veterans Day

Nov. 12 Parent Conferences

Nov. 13-14 Parent Conferences Minimum Day

Nov. 26 Non-Student Day

Nov. 27-28 Thanksgiving Holiday

Dec. 22 - Jan. 2 Winter Recess

Jan. 19 Martin Luther King Day

Feb. 16 President’s Holiday

Feb. 27 Minimum Day

April 6 - 10 Spring Recess

May 25 Memorial Day

June 5 Minimum Day

June 12 Last Day of School 2014-15

Locks of Love Rose Drive Event

 On June 6th, 13 brave and selfless  Rose Drive students donated 10 inches or more of their gorgeous and healthy hair to Locks of Love: Sofia Giordano, Brooke Drysen, Heather Fouts, Jaylee Pietsch, Belle Davidson, Carlee Davidson, Rachel Kirchner, Emma Ramos, Alexandra Ho, Jazmine Ho, Maybry Helms, Ruth Jacob, and Madison Repcik. Planning for this event was no easy feat - requiring the girls to provide plenty of forethought, thus allowing time and patience for sufficient hair growth. Joining the girls in donating their hair on this morning were three Rose Drive staff members, Ms. Perr (event organizer), Brandee Cook, and Dori Fregoso as well as one very brave dad, Mr. Fouts. Participants were placed in the very capable hands of our six stylists, who graciously donated their time to participate. Sustenance was provided in the form of donated snacks and coffee, compliments of local Yorba Linda businesses.       

All hair donations were submitted directly to Locks of Love (, a not-for-profit organization that provides the highest quality hair prosthetics to financially disadvantaged children with medical hair loss.  Most recipients have lost their hair due to an auto-immune condition known as alopecia areata, which has no known cause or cure.  Others have suffered severe burns, radiation treatment, or any number of dermatological conditions resulting in long term or permanent hair loss.   

Thank you to all of you for your participation in this worthy and most necessary cause. Your thoughtful donations will go a long way to helping young children feel more like themselves again. We commend your generosity and courage.

5th Grade Authors

Rose Drive’s fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Willey, was so very proud to show off the efforts of her Harvard reading group students after the publishing of their short stories in a soft covered book entitled, “Harvard Stories.” The finished book contained 17 narratives – the result of each group’s collaborative efforts over the past few weeks. The process the students had to follow in order to submit their stories for publication was quite daunting. The requirements included the development of a plot which contained a rise in action, climax, and fall in action, an exciting conflict, main characters, and a villain. In addition, they had to work in collaborative groups, putting their ability to compromise, resolve possible conflicts, and problem solve to the ultimate test - no easy task! Paging through the 166 page book, complete with color illustrations and photos of each author, is mesmerizing, as the enormity of this finished product becomes a reality. The opportunity provided to these 5th graders – being published at such a young age - is something not many students get to experience. Thank you, Mrs. Willey – for allowing them to experience this and for the incredible feat you took on to make this dream become a reality. The mark made on these fifth graders’ lives will live on in their memories forever and the seeds that have now been planted will continue to grow and foster future writers! Inspiration in the making!

Rose Drive PTA holds a fun and interactive activity the first Friday of every month: Funky Friday. Parents volunteer and play music in the MPR and all students are invited after lunch to get their “sillys” out. It has been such a success and the students love participating.  It truly is the perfect way to end the week – dancing and interacting with friends. Go Rosie!

Rose Drive Parking Lot Safety

    Student safety and the safety of others is, of course, a primary concern of all of ours.  A huge thank you to all of our parents for driving slowly and safely through our valet parking with the extra attention, caution, and patience needed for the safety of our students.  Please remember to only allow students to get in and out of cars in our marked valet sections of the parking lot.  NEVER attempt to cross Rose Drive unless you are using the crosswalk.

Rose Drive Honorary Volunteer Award

Congratulations to Rose Drive’s 2014 Community Volunteer Honoree: Erika Pedyash, mom to Katya and Oliver Pedyash.

Thank you, Erika, for your incredible dedication, sacrifice, patience, and compassion. How proud we were to recognize you on May 6th, at this year’s district recognition ceremony, where volunteers from every school in our district were honored – in appreciation for all you do for our children. Your sacrifices will live on in the lives of our students forever.

“Paint it Orange”

Ducks Promotion

Paint it Orange is an Anaheim Ducks sponsored event promoting a combination of community spirit and sports/team awareness. On April 25th, The Ducks generously donated Ducks t-shirts to every single Rose Drive staff member and student, transforming our campus into a sea of orange. The Ducks have been long-time supporters of our school and several others throughout Orange County, giving back to the community in many generous ways through fundraisers and educational programs. In support of all they do for our students and education in general, we will continue to wear these orange t-shirts on Fridays, as long as the Ducks remain in Stanley Cup Playoff contention.  There remains only one thing to say:  Go Ducks!

Rose Drive Elementary Patriots’ Day Ceremony

Rose Drive Elementary honored 9/11 on Thursday with a very touching school wide assembly. Students, teachers, staff and parents stood for the flag salute while the local Boy Scouts troop ceremoniously presented the American flag. Rose Drive principal, Dr. Linda Adamson, gave a heartfelt speech about the importance of remembering this day, a day that all Americans and the world will “never forget”. In the great words of Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Adamson urged students to “be the change you want to see in the world” and encouraged each student to do something kind and selfless for another person during the day. Two of Rose Drive’s 5th grade students, Abby Pietsch and Warren Pham, read the poem, “September Eleventh” by Roger Robicheau. The assembly concluded with a special visit from four local police officers (including two OC Sheriff Deputies). Dr. Adamson thanked these heroes for their dedication to keeping us safe and protected on September 11 and throughout the year. Rose Drive appreciates all of the heroes who protect and serve our community and our great country!

TEAM Roadrunners Reading and Book Fair

Our 4th and 5th grade leadership team, TEAM Roadrunners, spent a morning promoting our upcoming Book Fair by visiting classrooms and reading some of the new titles offered to our younger grades. The student readers brought great enthusiasm to their stories, leaving the student listeners excitedly anticipating our book fair and the many titles from which they will be able to choose.  Go TEAM Roadrunners!