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T.E.A.M. Roadrunners!

A Word from Dr. Adamson


How proud I am of the determination, commitment, and focus our students have shown these past six weeks as they put their computer skills and overall knowledge to the test and successfully navigated the new CAASPP testing. I am thrilled to report that the entire testing period went extremely smoothly and students handled the new testing format with confidence and poise. Thanks to our terrific team of teachers, and the combined efforts and team work of our testing coordinators, Mr. LaPorte, Mrs. Powers, and Mrs. DeJong, students experienced minimal disruptions to their regular instructional day. I know everyone is relieved and eager, however, to be almost finished and to return to their regular morning schedules along with the many exciting learning opportunities that continue to await us. With only 4 short weeks left to go, we look forward to this final phase in the school year with much anticipation. With still so much to explore and appreciate, we don’t intend to miss a moment.   

Looking ahead, I hope to see you all at some of our many events we have planned. This week features our 5th grade instrumental concerts at VHS, an opportunity for our string and band students to showcase their many skills and talents. They then have their end of year concert, which will take place on campus in our MPR and is scheduled for June 1st at 1:20 p.m. We are all very excited about our upcoming 50th Anniversary Spring Sing performance the morning of June 4th, followed the same day by our evening celebrations. I truly hope you are all able to join us to help commemorate this momentous milestone.  Finally, a night our students, staff, and parents look forward to all year long with much anticipation: our end of year talent show, which will take place on June 11th.

 I am pleased to report on the following student visits I received these last two weeks – a combination of students being recognized for excellent behavior and reading and writing. Thank you to the following 3rd graders in Mrs. Fast/Thorp’s class for sharing their creative and descriptive poems that highlighted their strengths: Nate Bento, Julia Glovisc, Mia Oronoc, Jessica Robson, Logan Glover, Allison Hwang, Matthew Magano, Reagan Pham, Bryce Williams, and Jimmy Alanis. I was intrigued and inspired by your insight. Then, for his exceptional behavior, I was honored to wear the clip of first grader, Justin Hwang, when he “clipped up” to the principal from Mrs. Santa Maria’s class last week. Way to go Justin!

 I conclude by expressing my continued gratitude to all of our Rose Drive families for all you do daily to ensure a learning experience for our students that is simply beyond compare. I know how very fortunate I am to be a part of this special family and community and treasure the magical experiences we continue to share with each passing day. Roadrunners – it is your individual brilliance that sparks the flame which, once ignited, glows brighter and stronger every day because of the commitment and determination you have all so instinctively applied. Go Team Roadrunners!



Dr. Linda Adamson & the Entire Rose Drive Staff


The Busy and Exciting Month of December

Rose Drive Elementary School has had a very busy and exciting December! The month kicked off with a very special school-wide assembly with the Wheels Of Freestyle BMX bike riders! These professional bike riders wowed the students and staff with their amazing stunts and incredible message of staying drug-free, being motivated and respectful, and staying in school. One of the most exciting nights was our Sparks of Love Toy Drive, sponsored by the Yorba Linda Fire Department that took place during our Rose Drive Snow Night! The very generous Rivera Group gave the students an experience of a lifetime, transforming the parking lot into a winter wonderland with REAL SNOW for Rose Drive students and families to enjoy! Families dressed in snow boots, scarves, and gloves to create snowmen, snow angels, and snowballs! What a magical night for our students! Our month of fun-filled activities concluded with the annual Preppy K and Kindergarten Holiday Program! Dressed to the hilt with bow ties and reindeer hats, the boys and girls sang nine holiday carols for their beaming family members! December was surely a memorable and festive month for all!

Third Grade Letters to Marines  

A special visit by Ex US Naval Marine, Irvin Francis, had Mr. Armbrust’s third grade class riveted as they enjoyed his stories of courage and inspiration from the early 1950s. To show their support, students will embark on a class-wide project to write letters to the brave men and women in uniform who are currently serving our country. Mr. Francis will deliver these letters during planned visits to a Long Beach hospital (housing marines injured during the call of duty) and Camp Pendleton on Christmas Day. What a perfect opportunity for Rose Drive students to say thank you to those brave men and women for serving in our military to protect our freedom. Thank you, Mr. Francis, for reminding us of the great need for so many of these heroes, many of whom have lost all contact with their families and for whom the simple gift of a letter will bring so much joy.

Rosie’s STARS Cards - PBIS


A strong focus at Rose Drive this year is our school-wide PBIS behavior expectations program. We have identified 6 areas on campus which will serve as focal points for appropriate behavior throughout the year. The program strives to reinforce positive behavior by zeroing in on six specific areas on campus. We will be introducing each area and the expected behaviors over the next few weeks and reinforcing good choices and exemplary behavior through the issuing of STARS cards. Students keep one copy to show off at home while the second copy is added to our weekly drawing. Students whose names are pulled will be announced on Friday morning and invited to Dr. Adamson’s office to select from an array of Rosie prizes. We encourage you to reinforce STARS behavior at home: Safe, There and Ready, Act responsibly, Respectful, and Show compassion.

Wheels of Freestyle BMX Assembly

What better way to thank our families and  students for their generous contributions, resulting in the collection of $30,000 for this year’s jogathon fund raiser? Easy … a BMX assembly, that’s how!  On December 1st, Rose Drive students were treated to an assembly that was filled with action-packed entertainment and loads of motivation. Students were wowed by the incredible prowess of professional cyclists as they performed one high - flying BMX stunt after another. This was certainly not your average assembly, calling for crowd participation that included excessive cheering and high levels of enthusiasm and positive energy. Built into the assembly was a motivational message that encouraged students to make healthy choices, motivating them to pledge to: “Stay Drug-Free; Live their Dreams; Be Motivated; Respect Others; and Stay in School.” Thank you to our wonderful PTA for providing this experience to our students, reinforcing for them the rewards that come from living a healthy and goal-oriented lifestyle (as demonstrated by the professional athletes putting this advice into practice before our very eyes).

Valet Teams
On any given morning before school starts you will find one of our six valet teams, consisting of responsible and enthusiastic 4th and 5th graders, greeting and waving cars forward in the Rose Drive parking lot. Their role is an important one, requiring them to:
1) greet parents and students as they arrive with a smile; 2) ensure cars pull ALL the way forward so as to keep a regular and consistent flow of traffic; 3) open and close car doors to ensure students exit in a safe and efficient manner and of course; 4) bid parents a friendly farewell with a wave and a "Have a nice day!" Thank you to all five teams for your commitment to this important duty and for your smiles despite the early hours. You have outdone yourselves through the cold, heat, wind, and even rain and we commend you. Our teams for this school year include: Rosie's stars; Angry Birds; Outrageous Owls; Team Roadrunners; and Team Rosie. Go Valet TEAM Roadrunners!

Rose Drive Parking Lot Safety

    Student safety and the safety of others is, of course, a primary concern of all of ours.  A huge thank you to all of our parents for driving slowly and safely through our valet parking with the extra attention, caution, and patience needed for the safety of our students.  Please remember to only allow students to get in and out of cars in our marked valet sections of the parking lot.  NEVER attempt to cross Rose Drive unless you are using the crosswalk.

Johnny Appleseed Day in First Grade

September 26th is Johnny Appleseed Day. Pictured are Mrs. Santa Maria's first graders who visited the front office in the morning to show off their "pan" caps, impersonating Johnny Appleseed perfectly. They delighted office staff with the many facts they learned about this legendary character and his quest to sow apple seeds wherever he went, thus ensuring, "not a soul will go hungry."

So Many Ways to Give Thanks

Taking time out to think about the many things for which they are grateful this past Thanksgiving holiday, kindergarten students participated in what has now become an annual tradition. Sporting their handmade feathers and headdresses, students participated in a fun and festive version of the “Comanche Hand Game”. This creative and fun game allowed each student to experience a different musical instrument as they moved through the circle of friends playing their instruments and chanting, “We come in peace, we treat each other as friends” between each transition. It was with this message of peace and friendship that students learned about and demonstrated the true meaning and history behind this special holiday, giving thanks for their many blessings.

The Power of  " One "  at Rose Drive

  As a follow up to our Red Ribbon "Say no to Bullying" campaign, each class at Rose Drive was visited this past week by Principal Adamson who read to them the short but very powerful story "One" by Kathryn Otoshi. Students learned about the power they all possess to bring about change - by simply using the skills they already have to stand up for themselves and others. Through this reading, we learned that it takes ONLY ONE person to make a change. Students received the message loud and clear that every one counts and by standing tall, being brave, and saying "NO!" ... we can take a stand and bring about change - together or alone!

Rose Drive Second Grade Campout

“Under the Starry Night”

 Bringing to life the theme from their recent reading of “Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night," by Cynthia Rylan, Rose Drive second graders were treated to their own campout Friday morning, November 14th. Thanks to Mrs. Woodward’s and Mrs. Abadie’s creativity, along with several parent volunteers, the MPR was transformed into a camping site, complete with twinkling stars, night lights, and a camp fire. Spread out on a sea of warm and comfy blankets and pillows, with flashlights and stars twinkling in the night sky, second graders made their own s’mores, played camp fire games, sang songs, told stories, and listened to readings of several other books from the Henry and Mudge series. What a fun morning - the perfect activity to not only reinforce the story structure and vocabulary from the story, but to allow students to experience for themselves the thrill of adventure enjoyed by the story’s characters.

A Busy Week:  J ogathon, Red Ribbon Week, and Pie Eating Contests!

Rose Drive Elementary School enjoyed a week chock full of fun and exciting activities during Red Ribbon Week! Students, teachers and staff wore themed clothing each day to celebrate our choice to be “drug and bully free”. The week culminated with the annual Jog-A-Thon! Students at Rose Drive brought in pledges that totaled a whopping $32,230.65! Students earned incentives each time the pledges climbed closer to the school-wide goal! One incentive was for students to attend a Staff Pie Eating Contest assembly! Teachers and staff competed against each other, diving face first into pie pans piled high with whipped cream, and earning victory by being the first to pull out a hidden apple slice with their teeth! Our beloved school secretary, Ms. Heidi Capen, was the winner of our Pie Eating Contest and received a very special coffee mug! On Friday, students found themselves with a new principal! Second grader, Kate Bowen, won the Principal For A Day contest by bringing in the highest amount of pledges. Friday’s Jog-A-Thon was a huge success, thanks to our magnificent PTA! Students ran, walked and skipped their way around the track! Parents and family members cheered the students on, offering water and refreshing squirts from spray bottles! From the energetic music, to the giant balloon finish line, to a very special appearance from Clifford, The Big Red Dog, we want to thank our PTA for such a memorable event!

Rose Drive Hour of Code

Rose Drive PTA holds a fun and interactive activity the first Friday of every month: Funky Friday. Parents volunteer and play music in the MPR and all students are invited after lunch to get their “sillys” out. It has been such a success and the students love participating.  It truly is the perfect way to end the week – dancing and interacting with friends. Go Rosie!

June 4th

5:30 - 8:00 p.m.

A Celebration Spanning Five Decades!


“IMAGINE” Anniversary Family Night of 1960’s Fun




Who: Friends, Family, Rose Drive Alumni

are all invited!


• Early 1960’s dress-up contest

• Music, dancing and surprise performances

• Food trucks

• Celebratory cake

• Bring chairs, blankets, etc., for picnic style dining


Download the Flyer Here!

Important Dates 2014-15

See the Calendar for Additional Events

May 18  5th Grade Band Concert VHS 6:00-7:00 PM

    DELAC Meeting 6:00-7:00

May 19  5th Grade Strings Concert VHS 6:00-7:00 PM

May 25  Memorial Day

June 2  4th Grade Walk Through California MPR (All Day)

  5th Grade Whale Watching Field Trip

June 4 Rose Drive 5th Anniversary Cerebration!

June 5 Minimum Day

All K on EB Schedule   

5th Grade Crystal Cove Field Trip

June 8  5th Grade Walk Through the American Revolution

                    MPR (All Day)

June 9  4th Grade Field Trip 7:45 AM - 4:00 PM

June 11  5th Grade Picnic 8:00-2:00

    Talent Show 6:00-8:00 PM

June 12 Last Day of School 2014-15

The Rose Drive Cinema City Theaters Tickets Fundraiser

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