A Word from Dr. Adamson


Dear Parents and Students,

        January is almost behind us and as we approach the middle of the school year, this is the perfect time to review with your children the goals they set for themselves back in September. This is especially important should your child have received a progress report, indicating signs of a struggle in particular areas. Goal setting is a subject I hear repeated by our teachers at this time of year as they work with our students on developing and maintaining strong study habits including determining priorities, accepting responsibility for their actions, and deciding on the needed action in order to accomplish those goals. Sometimes, a little extra motivation or incentive is required as we move further into the months ahead, and I encourage you to work together to ensure that is in place.

       Looking ahead, should you have any concerns regarding your child’s academic progress, I encourage you to contact your child’s teacher. Together you can discuss the best possible strategies and support that will ensure his/her continued academic and social growth. As integral partners in your children’s academic journey your combined efforts and involvement will guarantee them a much better chance of success than could ever be achieved by merely working alone. We have seen it time and time again as we face challenges and hurdles that find their way into our paths, reminding us of how very much we are able to accomplish when we work together…as one unit.  

      I would like to recognize the following students who visited my office these last two weeks to share their exceptional student work. For “clipping up” as a result of her excellent behavior and choices, first grader Eryn Dunham. It was my pleasure to wear her clip for the remainder of the day – keep up the great choices, Eryn!. The following third grade students were selected to ‘brag’ to me about their exceptional work performance with a focus on finishing work and being on task: Seth Coons, Jordan Laws (twice), and Erin Cope-McMillan. Way to go 3rd graders! I was also treated to the reading of the several third graders’ “New Year’s resolutions”. Andy Holguin, Ella Anderson, Sienna Pieper, Xurenity Rhodes, and Jayden Posadas demonstrated their commitment to making healthy and mindful changes in their personal lives for the coming year. A super way to begin the year – stay committed to those fine goals, third graders! A final recognition goes to kindergartener, Rilynn Gandy who, for the past month, has served as the appointed office desk calendar coordinator. Arriving early every day to complete the task of updating Mrs. Fregoso’s and my desk calendars, she has shown both responsibility and commitment. Thank you, Rilynn, for keeping us on track! To every one of these students – keep up the fine work!   


      Finally, if you are a Rose Drive parent I encourage you to consider joining our PTA for the upcoming school year. We currently have several positions available. For me, personally, it is such a privilege and honor to work with such a fine group of dedicated and committed parents who give so much of their time and energy to the continued success of this crucial organization. I can only marvel at all they have accomplished as I reflect on the many events and programs they have already planned and provided for this year. It is my hope that you, too, will want to become a part of that next year. As a member of the PTA board you will work with other members to enrich our students’ educational experience through the planning of events and the raising of money for continued supplemental academic programs, many of which have most certainly contributed to Rose Drive’s long-term academic success. We continue to remain dependent on and grateful for the funding PTA is able to provide, making your involvement even more necessary. I encourage you to find out more and challenge yourself to make this the year you become an integral part of Rose Drive’s exceptional PTA.




Dr. Linda Adamson & the Entire Rose Drive Staff

Rose Drive Elementary School
4700 Rose Drive
Yorba Linda CA 92886
Office Hours 7:15 am - 4:15 pm

Important Dates

Rose Drive Morning Valet
On any given morning before school starts, you will find a team of our responsible and enthusiastic 4th and 5th graders, greeting and waving cars forward in the Rose Drive parking lot. Their role is an important one, requiring them to:
1) greet parents and students as they arrive with a smile; 2) ensure cars pull ALL the way forward so as to keep a regular and consistent flow of traffic; 3) open and close car doors to ensure students exit in a safe and efficient manner and of course; 4) bid parents a friendly farewell with a wave and a "Have a nice day!" Thank you to all five teams for your commitment to this important duty and for your smiles despite the early hours. Come rain or shine, wind or cold, we commend you for your commitment to the safety and routine. Our teams for this school year include: Red Vines, Magical Unicorns, Rosie Patrol, Rainbow Rosies, and Rosie Rockets. Go TEAM Valet!

Rose Drive Parking Lot Safety

    Student safety and the safety of others is, of course, a primary concern of all of ours.  A huge thank you to all of our parents for driving slowly and safely through our valet parking with the extra attention, caution, and patience needed for the safety of our students.  Please remember to only allow students to get in and out of cars in our marked valet sections of the parking lot.  NEVER attempt to cross Rose Drive unless you are using the crosswalk.

Students Enjoy the New Shade Structure

Completed during the summer, Rose Drive students were eager to try the new shade structure for themselves the first week of school. The bright blue canopy and brand new matching blue lunch tables almost sparkled as they welcomed the students on their first day back. Students, parents, and staff alike were enormously grateful for this newest renovation to their campus and look forward to many future shaded (from sun and light rain, we hope) lunch times.

We are planning to have a hair donation event at the end of the next school year (spring 2016)!

Locks of Love ( is a not-for-profit organization that provides the highest quality hair prosthetics to financially disadvantaged children with medical hair loss.  Most recipients have lost their hair due to an auto-immune condition known as alopecia areata, which has no known cause or cure.  Others have suffered severe burns, radiation treatment, or any number of dermatological conditions resulting in long term or permanent hair loss.

Hair donation guidelines:

If you would like to participate, please continue to grow out your hair!

More information will come throughout the next school year.

Download the Flyer Here

Rosie’s STARS Cards - PBIS


A strong focus at Rose Drive this year is our school-wide PBIS behavior expectations program. We have identified 6 areas on campus which will serve as focal points for appropriate behavior throughout the year. The program strives to reinforce positive behavior by zeroing in on six specific areas on campus. We will be introducing each area and the expected behaviors over the next few weeks and reinforcing good choices and exemplary behavior through the issuing of STARS cards. Students keep one copy to show off at home while the second copy is added to our weekly drawing. Students whose names are pulled will be announced on Friday morning and invited to Dr. Adamson’s office to select from an array of Rosie prizes. We encourage you to reinforce STARS behavior at home: Safe, There and Ready, Act responsibly, Respectful, and Show compassion.

Golf Squad Fall at Rose Elementary School is for 1st-5th grade students and provides weekly opportunities for your child to learn the social skills required to enjoy golf.  Topics include clubs, golf course, vocabulary, etiquette, rules, history, etc. All under the instruction of a PGA Professional.  Golf is a great social sport, and can be played for a lifetime!  So start early and start now...boys and girls!  Even if your student already plays, it is great to get weekly, convenient lessons from the pro!  Registration going on NOW.

Please use link to register:



2015 CAASPP Testing Update:  Visit our new Common Core/CAASPP Page for information and answers to your questions on the recently released CASSPP scores and a comprehensive overview of the new Smarter Balanced testing.

Yorba Linda Library

Saturday January 16 -  S.T.E.A.M

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math

Download the Flyer

Winter Reading Club

Read 15 library books OR read for 5 hours and earn a prize!  Sign-up at the Children's Desk. This program is for all ages through 8th grade.


We would like to extend a giant "THANK YOU" to the following sponsors who so generously donated to our Jog-a-thon this year. It is donors such as yourselves who make it possible for us to reach our funding goals and provide the educational and enrichment programs for our students that we so treasure. The entire Rose Drive community thanks you for your generosity.

2015 Jog-a-thon Business Sponsors

Rose Sponsor $750 or above

Suryl Services

Gold Sponsor $500

Mattco Forge

UA Local Union 250

Boecking Machining

Silver Sponsor $250

North County Basketball

MP South, Inc

Charles Bittel III, O.D.

Cenergy Power

J's Plumbing

Global Monitoring, Inc

Nick Alexander BMW

Citrus Optometry

Bronze Sponsor $100

Serena LLC


Dr. Melissa Huy

Ken Kirkland Ent., Inc

Kimmie's Coffee Cup

Image Gear

Exclusive Motors

Exclusive Truck & Auto

J-Tec Fasteners, Inc.

Honda World

DeLaRiva Construction, Inc.

First Choice Bank

TKD Masters Center

PYLUSD will offer free workshops on various educational topics throughout the school year so parents can become better equipped to support their child’s learning. Research indicates that when schools work together with families to support learning, students perform better in school and throughout life.